Lucho “Pelucho” Enríquez (Ecuador 1978).­   A full time geek. Composer, Programmer, Guitar Player, Copyright ­lawyer. Studied orchestral composition with José   Angel   Pérez   (Quito   ­Ecuador),   Algorithm   Composition   with   Clarence Barlow (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague­ Netherlands),  Sonology (Institute of   sonology   –   Netherlands),   Information   Technology,   Copyrights   and Copylefts(Leibniz   Universitat   Hannover   ­  Germany),   Programming,   Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics (ECCouncil ­ – Etek Argentina).
Experimental Musician by nature has published 6 solo albums, and has participated in more than 20 splits. His music has been played in more than 20 countries in America(north, central, and   south)   and   Europe.   Some   of   his   most   remarkable   activities   have   been:   Guitar   player   of   the  Ecuadorian legendary band “Sal y Mileto”, and The creator of the microtonal guitar (18 notes per octave)  “La Tetarra”.

Has performed in festivals like   En tiempo real (Colombia), Primavera en la Habana (Cuba), Bafim (Argentina), Denver Noise Fest and UCSB spring festival (EEUU), Festival de musica contemporánea,Festivalfff(Ecuador),In   a   shape   of   an   egg   (Netherlands),   Senglar   Rock   (España),   Surplus ensemble(Germany), Space and Paredes de Cuora (Portugal), FIMU (France), and so forth.
His favorite languages and tools are C++, Metasploit, Super Collider, Lilypond, old radios and toys.
Currently lives between France and Belgium. In the mean time is playing Noise shows, and a psicodelic Cumbia Ensemble.

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